Number One

Broken Spoke Barbershop’s number one customer!

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Worksman Bikes

We will have these Worksman bikes, built by Tacoma locals, on display for the month of November. Come by and check them out. All built out of the same style Worksman frame, but with very different ideas and finished looks.

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These Guys

Tommy & Ben holding down the bar during the Tacoma Hilltop Street Fair.


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Brent chilling in SF.

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Suns out!

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Mud on the Frame

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Four new BS hats drop today

Just in time for the Hilltop Street Fair. New Color ways to choose from. Grab a beer and a new hat.

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Mean Green Worksman

Broken Spokes latest build for Tommy.

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Rob’s Lady

She looks good parked out in front of the Broken Spoke.

Photo by: Ryan Lowry

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Gleaming the Cube

Tacoma locals gathered for movie night at the Broken Spoke. Photos by Buford Rock, Dave Kellman, and who ever else grabbed the camera.

FraziersIMG_2465 IMG_2461 IMG_2462 IMG_2460 IMG_2458 IMG_2459 IMG_2468

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